Welcome to Diabetes Life Support

Are you living with diabetes? Are you unsure about what to do after the initial diagnosis?  

Are you overwhelmed and stressed with all the choices you need to make?

Is your life full, with work and family, and you don't have time to go and see a diabetes educator in office hours? 

Do you want  to feel confident  and have peace of mind  that you’re on the right track with your diabetes?

I’d love to help!


Rachael Critchell

registered nurse and credentialled diabetes educator

 I spend my time helping people just like you manage their diabetes. I work with you at a time convenient to you, wherever you are in the world   I help you put holistic, practical advice into action.  You will feel empowered and in control with a firm plan to move forward in your treatment. Don’t spend another day feeling alone and overwhelmed.

Receive qualified advice.

As a Registered Nurse my practice is regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. As a Credentialled Diabetes Educator my practice is underpinned by the guidance of the Australian Diabetes Educator Association, the governing body within Australia. 

Being qualified as a registered nurse and credentialled diabetes educator ensures you receive the highest quality diabetes education and advice. This professional endorsement is also recognised by Medicare Australia, Department of Veteran Affairs and some private health insurance providers. I am actively involved in the Australian Diabetes Educator Association and have been published in the Australian Diabetes Educator Association magazine.  I have many years of clinical experience as a credentialled diabetes educator and I attend many professional development events every year to stay informed on the latest research and treatment trends.